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November 18, 2013

Oh Organic Chemistry

Assalaamualaikum and greetings to all.

i hope all readers are in the pink of health. hurm, in this post, I using English as my entry language. ignore if there are some grammatical errors on the sentences structures and etc .... hahaha

erm ok back to entry title, of course it is about Organic Chemistry. today i sited for Organic IV test (Test II). a bit frustrated on it actually because cant do well on that test. yes i knew i do not perform well in all Organics (Organic I, II & III), but i trying to loves this course as i like other subjects. about the test also, erm how can i say that, erm quite straight forward and sort of easy questions (compared to Prof Aspollah paper hahaha) but i still cant do perfectly in the test. maybe i make it very light as some of the notes i didnt read at all. i also didnt expect that small part will come out on the test paper. arghhhhhhhh very frust right now. 

hurm, on the whole, i hope i pass the test, that's all. hope can perform well in the final exam. 

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