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January 26, 2012

terjah !!!

25/01/2011 (wednesday)

hi guys ! n greetings to all. erm actually i dono whow to tell u all about this but this is what i get yesterday. yesterday i went to my college , K2 UPM to settle some stuff regarding camp program. yeah as usual woke up at 9am then take a bus to the KTM via mini bus and then take another bus to UPM (of kos UPM bus rite to save the cost .......... hihi). erm after reached the college, i go to my room bcoz i wanted to see my room either it is in a good condition or not. as expected, it was upside down. with my iron board on the floor, the smell of "rotten meat" on my bed with 3 pillows on it and also 1 plastic containing make-up stuff. so i think a little bit, whose stuff is this? the cleaner? yeah i have an experience last sem during the fasting time, i knew they got all the room keys and since there is no people in the hostel they just get into any room they want and make it as their "castle" , in shorts they hv fun in yr room la. men golek2 atas katil. ............ allergic ~

so i check the stuff la of kos (like FBI githew) huhu .... i getting shock, ad "mouse" beb .....  ap lagi gune r kan ... since i don't bring mine. huhu ..... but i really hate the smell of my room at that time. yeah la, with my detergent all around the room , if yr room is in this situation what will u do ? u will feel weird la kan of kos. then u will wonder sape yg msk bilik ni. n think am i not locking the door b4 i back home. many question that will cross yr mind.

erm that's all for me today. enjoy the song. feling jd najwa kejap ..... huhu

January 24, 2012

Diet ??? Impossible

hi guys n very gud day to all. hihi. hurm , when talk about diet about does cross inside your mind ? exercises ? fruits ? vegetables ? time to do the exercises ? huhu

all those stuff will come out from all rite ? huhu. actually it was my wish for this year , 2012. huhu. bcoz my current weight was 6X kg. so i have to do something to lose some fats around my tummy n any other parts as well. hihi. actually i knew that since entering the uni life, i rarely look after my diet. every time outing i just grab anything i want such as chocs, snacks, sweets n etc to be bought. that was me if u wanna know. y i like that coz i like to eat. haha.

erm. to all my frenz there, since there is one month holiday, this is the time for u to diet if u feel to do that (kwa3). besides that, get enough sleep. for yr body , mind and as well yr soul. mind yr fud too, cut yr unhealthy fud to fruits and vege. bcoz they will help yr bowel as well yr digestive system to functioning well.

erm, that all for me. enjoy yr holiday !!! ... 

January 17, 2012

kite2 jer

hi semua , sori guys lame x update blog. ni post yg ke brp pon xtaw. huhu.

just nk say slmt bercuti kpd student bacelor a.k.a degree bcoz da abez exam n dah berholiday di rumah except me who r still in the college. huhu. to me it is not the problem bcoz i'm happy with my own work. **daa~

erm, kat sini just nk ckp la , cuti tu spent wisely bcoz this is the only time u have to spend with your beloved one like yr parents, friends, best friends, couples etc. haa, al maklum la kerajaan br je bg "duit" rm200 kt sume insan bergelar student so used it wisely k.jgn plak bli len lak.

erm tu je utk kali ni. hv fun. happy holiday !!!

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