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January 30, 2014

rOJAk ...

hi guys. assalaamualaikum, good afternoon/evening/morning.

how do u feel today? hopefully uol in a good health lah.

erm today i'm gonna write in mixed language, sort of "rojak" haha. actually when we comes to "rojak", it is not the food but i'm referring to the language itself. this "rojak" thingy has been exist since years even when i was not born in this world yet. some of the "rojak" words like LMAO, LOL, TTYL and etc.

actually "rojak" word or simply known as short form. in Malay language, there are words to be shorten at, such YG, UTK and bla3 lah. this kind of words made us easy to write especially during chatting on fb, twitter and so forth.

even though some says that this kind of words merosakkan image bla3. tapi Malaysian people still used it in their daily life. jadi diharap pencinta2 bahasa sekalian  dpt bertenang kerana ini adalah fenomena alam era baru.

hurm, iols da start to meraban. so we stop here, erm gonna write more later. see ya...         

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