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January 26, 2012

terjah !!!

25/01/2011 (wednesday)

hi guys ! n greetings to all. erm actually i dono whow to tell u all about this but this is what i get yesterday. yesterday i went to my college , K2 UPM to settle some stuff regarding camp program. yeah as usual woke up at 9am then take a bus to the KTM via mini bus and then take another bus to UPM (of kos UPM bus rite to save the cost .......... hihi). erm after reached the college, i go to my room bcoz i wanted to see my room either it is in a good condition or not. as expected, it was upside down. with my iron board on the floor, the smell of "rotten meat" on my bed with 3 pillows on it and also 1 plastic containing make-up stuff. so i think a little bit, whose stuff is this? the cleaner? yeah i have an experience last sem during the fasting time, i knew they got all the room keys and since there is no people in the hostel they just get into any room they want and make it as their "castle" , in shorts they hv fun in yr room la. men golek2 atas katil. ............ allergic ~

so i check the stuff la of kos (like FBI githew) huhu .... i getting shock, ad "mouse" beb .....  ap lagi gune r kan ... since i don't bring mine. huhu ..... but i really hate the smell of my room at that time. yeah la, with my detergent all around the room , if yr room is in this situation what will u do ? u will feel weird la kan of kos. then u will wonder sape yg msk bilik ni. n think am i not locking the door b4 i back home. many question that will cross yr mind.

erm that's all for me today. enjoy the song. feling jd najwa kejap ..... huhu

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