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February 01, 2012

finally ....

hi and greetings to all. erm actually i dono where to start the story but i try to make the thing as easy as i can so that all readerz would understand me. hihi. few months ago my matric card were found loss at the where i place it wrongly. so as a result i make the new one at the cost of rm30 as a compound. a bit sad la bcoz rm30 were used wrongly by making the new matric card. but i hv to so bcoz it is nearly exam week. so no matter what i hv to make the new one. hurm3x ..... after days, i found new old matric cars. it is inside my file. i found it yesterday night right after performing the solat. i feel a bit was was as i think in my mind. is it the matric card that i really wanted before. and it is YES. that's the one i searching for the whole day. thanks to ALLAH bcoz HE show the way how to appreciate the thing we have. huhu. others u can think by yr own rite ? hihi. that's all for now. TQ. Enjoy the song .... 

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